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    These are some of the beautiful cats behind our kittens and those shown and loved by other breeders too

                           Grand Champion Artro Brown Anwen



Phoebe came to me from her breeder Barbara Parry in 2003. I had been lucky enough to visit Barbara's regularly for a few years and when I saw this fantastic brown face looking up at me I had to have her! She has been a great asset and a fantastic Mum. She is line bred on UK+Int GrCh Artro Brown Brandon:

Brandon who has to be my favourite Burmese boy of all time. I love Phoebe's type and she always produces fantastic kittens. She gained her Grand Champion title in 2009

UK and Imperial Grand Champion Admewbu Blue Beuno

Mr Blue

In 2005 I was honoured to have Blue come to live with us. He was a proven stud cat and had been owned by Barbara Parry of Artro Burmese. He had already sired some beautiful kittens but unfortunately due to illness Barbara was unable to continue to care for him. Barbara very generously gave him to me and he has been an absolute delight- thank you Barbara!

I had never owned a stud cat previously but he has been the ideal introduction to owning a stud as he is very experienced and extremely friendly and has guided me through the sharp learning curve. He lives in a purpose built home in our garden and also enjoys his evening walk around the garden accompanied by myself.

He made Champion in 2003 and had not been shown again. I decided to see if he would like to be shown again and took him to a local show in March. He won the Grand class and more importantly had a lovely day out- thoroughly enjoying all the attention. He made GrandChampion in 3 straight shows.

He received his first Imperial Grand Challenge certificate at the Gwynedd show and was best in show Burmese and then continued to his Imperial Grand title in 5 straight shows. What a star!

He has recently won his 2nd UK grand certificate at The Supreme Show at the NEC and so has a new title. He also won the Best of Breed too and behaved like a real gentleman despite not being shown for a year.

He has had approximately 400 offspring and has now had many titled cats descended from him. A star turn!


Bronze Olympian & Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Femme Fatale



Lulu is a very beautiful lilac girl from Phoebe and Blue's last litter. She had 15 best overall Burmese in show wins and 4 overall best exhibit wins- at the Shropshire show, Burmese Cat Society show, Northern Counties show and at the Cambria show. She went from Champion to Imperial Grand Champion in 12 months- and had taken out 6 months again to have her second litter of kittens. She became the first Burmese to achieve the Bronze Olympian Title in January 2012. This is a very special title achieved by winning classes against outstanding cats of all breeds not just Burmese. She was also a great Mum and passed on her faultless good looks!


Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Talisman


The handsome and gentle boy who lives in luxury in Northern Ireland with the lovely Lillian Niblock of Emer Burmese

Champion Aureus Eartha Kitt


This is Kitt who is a lovely chocolate tortie girl who is Angel's daughter. Her Father is the very handsome chocolate son of Lulu Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Champagne Charlie. She is the Mum of our handsome chocolate boy Buddy

Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Chocolate Thalia


ImpGrCh Aureus Chocolate Thalia

Tilly was born in my second litter and is a star. She was Best Burmese at her first kitten show in 2000 and made Champion on her first Birthday at the Burmese Cat Club show where she was also Best in Show Adult. She has had 6 other BIS wins and she made Grand Champion in 2003- this was a huge relief as she at that stage had 11 Reserve grand certificates! She gained her Imperial Grand Champion title in 2006 and has now been neutered and she has retired to a life of luxury in the Derbyshire countryside with her daughter Amber. She has a super loving temperament and is a lap cat who enjoys her food!

Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Spartacus


This is Freddie such a handsome boy and Lulu's brother. Lovingly owned and shown by my very good friend Kaye Wilson and who fathered some superb kittens

Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Champagne Charlie


Charlie is another super chap with lovely type and temperament and was owned and shown by my good friend Jan Bradley of Shivarene Burmese and who is behind my current cats


Grand Champion Aureus Dinah Mite


Dinah is owned and loved by my good friend Sue Lorton-Hobbs and has had some beautiful kittens and hopefully some more soon!

Grand Champion Aureus Aphrodite


This beautiful girl is owned by my close friend and fellow judge Lillian Niblock and leads a luxurious life in Northern Ireland where she has added to the beautiful Emer Burmese cats

Grand Champion Aureus Angeldust



Angel's daughter Angel! This lovely lilac tortie is owned and loved by my good friend and judge colleague Claire Lewis. She is beautiful and is making a splash currently on the show scene and has already had a beautiful litter of kittens too.

Grand Champion and Grand Premier Aureus PrettyPenny


Amelie is a gentle and lovely girl owned by Ann McCormick and has herself had some superb kittens


Champion Aureus Emer-Detour

This is a super cream boy from Angel and Tommy who lives with Rae Patience in Northern Ireland

Aureus Firecracker



This is Jacob who is a red Burmese owned and adored by my friend Chris Stalker and who has made a fantastic start to his show career as a kitten and adult shows to come soon! He is Coco's brother

Champion Aureus Blue Angel


This is Duchess who has been welcomed and loved by Janet Alp and should hopefully be having some kittens this year too!

Aureus Flirtatious


Flirty is Buddy's sister and she went to Russia to our good friend and super Burmese breeder Natalija Lukashova