Our Current Girls

UK and Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Audacious Angel

Angel is the beautiful daughter of Lulu and the handsome Imperial Grand Champion Molynmeux Satseuxma. She is a Lilac Tortie Burmese

She has a loving nature and lives up to her name and has been a very successful show cat as well as mother. At the GCCF Supreme show in 2015 she won the UK grandchampion title as well as being named best Burmese adult in the show which was a nice double as she had been best Burmese kitten in 2009

She is hopefully going to have some kittens in May

Champion Tsarina Magic Valley

Tsara is a beautiful chocolate Burmese who has come to us from her very generous breeder Natalija in Russia. Her pedigree is from mainly Australian lines which in turn relate back to very old UK Burmese lines. She is a very lovely girl who is pretty and feminie and a gentle soul. She has had a litter in 2014 and we are hoping she will have more kittens this year.

Aureus Precious Pandora


This is Dora who is one of the most beautiful girls we have ever bred.

She is the daughter of Tsara and the lovely Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Talisman

Sabokah Fair Rosamund

This is Bea who came to us from New Zealand from her very generous and famous breeder Carla Purcell. She is a brown tortie and brings precious lines from the other side of the world. Se is a very sweet girl and a superb mum. She has had two lovely litters with Buddy.

Aureus Magnifique

Coco is the beautiful daughter of Buddy and Bea. She has gorgeous type and expression and a loving nature and is going to be a great addition/ She was the Best Burmese kitten in her first two shows-the Burmese Cat Society show and the Supreme Show

And now for something a little different!

Mewsos Joni Mitchell


This is Jojo who is a lilac British Shorthair. I have been looking to start our adventure into breeding Brits for sometime and am very grateful to my fellow judge Pam Beard Smith for helping me start this next adventure. Jojo has settled on very well with the Burmese and we hope for some kittens with her in the future.